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Over 20 Years of Professional Experience

BlockInterop, Inc founded in 2017 by N. Gina Malak (CEO|CTO) and Charon Collier (COO), an African-American Women Owned business in the Atlanta, GA area.

BlockInterop, is an IT Solutions company that specializes in the Feasibility Studies, Analysis and Implementation of API Interoperability Resources, DApp, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Tokenization Models and Blockchain services. 

We offer Blockchain as a Service Solution (BaaS), utilizing Smart Contract Technology and Interoperability in the areas of Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate, Food, Insurance and Supply Chain Management.

BlockInterop, best practice is based on the ability of network systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries. Subsequently, implementing a decentralized solution in order to advance the effective delivery of services. This is where Blockchain meets Interoperability.

The opportunity for the DApp market is poised for tremendous growth over the next decade. We will create interoperability applications that will be utilized across industry ecosystems to provide efficiencies for both the client and provider.

Join BlockInterop, as we define a new era for modern technology.

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