We Are Digital Health


Healthcare Interoperbility

WE are aligning ourselves With meaningful use initiatives

Moonshot Vision


BlockInterop is a Digital Health company that focuses on the development, acquisitions and investments of Healthcare Meaningful Use Applications, Web Services and Data Transformation tools.  Meaningful Use is a national initiative to implement information technology for the ultimate purpose of improving patient care.


Our Digital Health Moonshots:

  • To provide superior quality healthcare interoperability services and solutions that will empower patients by giving them more personalized control over their healthcare data;
  • To provide healthcare organizations with solutions that will reduce their operational costs, improve efficiencies and data security;
  • To enable providers and payers with more robust and secured data transactions across ecosystems, clinical studies and supply chains; and
  • To ultimately increase long-term returns and retention for providers and healthcare organizations.

We are committed to creating an innovative and decentralized healthcare ecosystem.  Patients, Providers and Healthcare Organizations all benefit from our innovative solutions as we aim to solve the issues of interoperability, accessibility, security and the overall integrity of healthcare data.